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One Black Square

Updated: Jun 1

Begin with one 14.8cm x 14.8cm square of black paper. Cut the paper into pieces and arrange them on a 29.7cm x 37cm white mat board. Use gestalt principles of design described in the lecture subdivide and re-group the parts to suggest new shapes and to create a puzzle for the viewer to imagine how the pieces were derived from the original square.

Here are eight of my works for this project.

1. For this one, my idea comes from the Sistine Chapel ceiling by the great artist Michelangelo. I am very interested in The Creation of Adam, which portrays the creation of mankind by God. So I transform these two hands into my work.

2. In the very beginning, I just want two rabbits. After cutting them off, I find out that the rest of the black paper look like a huge tree standing on the lawn. Then this work comes out.

3. I cut subdivide one square paper into several parts with one shape, which looks like a gate, but in different sizes. Then I connect them in a circular path. The result looks like the graph fibonacci sequence or a conch. Also, I imagine that if I have enough "gates" and stand them up, this might give me a status of tornado or something.

4. For me, the shape of triangle looks like the abstract version of human muscle. So I use the idea to make this ballet dancer. The paper that inside the dress's outline is used to make the shadow under her feet.

5. In this work, three birds are locked in cages. The black rectangles below the cages are their prices, which is 5¥, 1¥ and 3¥. I design them in 3D version so I take pictures for both the planform and the front view.

6. If you take a closer look at the big cat's eyes, the small cats inside are actually playing Rock Paper Scissors, a hand game usually played between two people, in which each player

simultaneously forms one of three shapes with an outstretched hand. The smallest cat is unhappy because he/she loses the game.

7. This one is also in 3D version. I don't want to just make flowers with black paper. I want to create something interesting or playable. The audiences can make flower bloom or close by their fingers. A more comprehensive gif of how to do it is shown behind.

8. The last one highly represents what I thought after completing those seven pieces behind, "Sick of cutting."

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