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Music Poster

This is one of the projects for INTM-SHU 120 communication lab Communication Lab. Here's the requirements, also a brief description, of this project.

This assignment is for students to create a black and white visual representation of a piece of music of their choice using typographic symbols and characters. The project should be done using Adobe Illustrator and will be mounted for critique.

The music I picked is called Dying by omfg. This song filled with only one sentence. A shrill sound singing, "Oh my god I feel I am dying. " For me, this song is totally chaotic, abnormal and even has a sense of psycho. But I quite like it. Here's a link toward the music.

I made this poster basically depend on my personal feeling about the song instead of the meaning of lyrics or rhythm. And I want to express this idea of hilariousness and craziness to everyone who see this poster. Thus, I fabricated a scene from my feeling: someone shoots our dear earth with a banana and our powerful planet just cracks because of this like a fragile biscuit.

Since we were only allowed to used characters, so I drag the letters to make the shape I want. For example, I reshape the letter "Z" to make the cracked part of earth, and drag the letter "C" to make the bullet. Also, I copy and paste the only lyric "Oh my god I feel I am dying" several times and use them to the shape of earth and banana, just like manufacture a dress with fabric.

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