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During Quarantine

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

In the end of January 2020, the covid widely infected in my hometown and everyone has to stay in their house for quarantine.

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During these days, I was think of what I can do to reduce the risk of getting covid. According to the newspaper report, there were too much germs on communal goods such as elevator's button, and avoiding direct connection between them and our hands can reduce the risk of getting covid.

The first idea I came up with is using

one piece of tissue when I had to press the button. But this idea is too wasteful and can only benefit myself. Then I found another way. I can cover the buttons with cling film. Then the only thing we need to do was clean the cling film periodically with spraying disinfectant. This method is more economical and practical.

I told this idea to the management of our community, and they really listened to it and took action in wider range. Later, every elevator in our community, which contained almost 3500 people, was covered with cling film and had volunteer to disinfect everyday.

I am not sure whether this is a creative piece but I am very happy that I can really change somethings with my ideas.

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