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A Photograph Two Ways

This is one of the projects for INTM-SHU 120 communication lab Communication Lab. Here's the requirements, also a brief description, of this project.

A diptych is an artwork consisting of a pair of images, presented together. For this assignment, you will create a Photo Diptych. One image will be a photograph made with a camera. You can use Photoshop lightly to touch up and color correct the image. The other image will be made entirely in Photoshop. The condition is the Photoshopped image can only use elements that you have shot or created yourself.

Here's one of my best works for this project without Photoshop.

For this one, I use the light of my iphone as light source, and put some water beads in front of the light to make the light colorful.

Here's the picture after Photoshop.

Since both my classmates and the professor said my photo looks like the view of underwater, though I like the sense of being underwater, I want to produce a different feeling that break the previous impression. Thus, I use filters such as liquidity to imitate the Milky Way. The result doesn't completely look like the Milky Way, but it has some sense of space and galaxy.

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Apr 15, 2021

It's like an amazing sea world!


Apr 15, 2021

That's two completely different imagess!

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